March 1, 2023


Dear Friends,

Our vision statement says we exist to mobilize caring adults and student leaders in order to meet the physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs of every young person in Kern County through collaborations and partnerships with local churches, schools, institutions, and community programs.  A big part of how we do this is through our Kern Youth Network. This is a monthly gathering of youth workers from over 25 different churches around our community. Many of them then go on High School and Middle School Campuses with us weekly for Campus Life Club.

“KYN has been a source of encouragement, providing spiritual care to me as a spiritual leader of young people. Partnering with YFC has also opened a wealth of possibilities connecting my church to my community.” Adam England Westside Church of Christ and Campus Life Volunteer

Be on the lookout for our Report to the People stories on social media and email. Please share and help get the word out. If you’d like to participate in financially supporting it, please indicate below.


Thank you for caring and sharing!

Adam Capehart

Chief Executive Officer

P.S. – Our Youth for Christ virtual Report to the People will be held the first full week of March, 2023.