Mello’s Story

September 28, 2022


Dear Friends,

School is underway, club kick-offs are happening, and the ministry continues all over our county! This month,
I asked Julio Regla to share an example of the difference this ministry is making in the lives of young people. I hope
you are encouraged by Mello’s story.

Mello is unlike any other student I’ve ever met. He came to Campus Life last fall at Mira Monte High School. Mello is unique. He’s funny but serious, he wears slacks on camping trips, is into agriculture and multimedia, and he brings his own BBQ/Hot Sauce to every event he’s invited to (and I mean every event including camping trips). He was an active student all school year at Mira Monte Campus Life, he attended many of our events: pool parties, all-nighters, pizza parties, and most
recently our week-long summer camp in July. I was ecstatic when I found out Mello was going to be in my cabin. Although he was silent for most of our cabin times, I knew I had his undivided attention. I knew that the relationship we had built his entire sophomore year had granted me the privilege to speak into his life. It was the right time the right place! His English teacher was our guest speaker, and she explained the gospel in a way that he had never heard before. And when it came time to make decisions Mello felt it was the right time to say yes to Christ. I was surprised but so excited that he wanted to give his life to Christ. He had silently been taking in every Bible story, every scripture that we shared and every testimony and on the last night of summer camp Mello said yes to Jesus!

Thank you for sharing and caring.

For Him,

Adam Capehart