Sierra Christian Camp

September 2, 2022


Dear Friends,

School is back in session and we are starting to get invitations to get back on campus! We had our largest camp season ever as mentioned in last month’s letter and we are looking forward to some fall and winter camps during this school year.

A Special Update and Request 

Sierra Christian Camp, now a ministry department of Youth for Christ Kern County, continues to grow and reach more young people.  We have several camps throughout the year with hundreds of young people involved. Each year more than half of our students need scholarships in order to attend. As many of you know, camp is a time when we can get the students out of their everyday environment and continue to impact their lives and share Christ. Many of the young people attending these camps are not able to afford our modest (heavily subsidized) registration fees. Our policy is to never turn a student away from any event or activity due to their inability to pay; therefore, I’m asking you to consider using the link below to give an “extra” gift toward our scholarship fund for the 2022/2023 school year’s camps

Thank you for caring and sharing!

Adam Capehart

Chief Executive Officer