Training Opportunities

The ministry of Youth for Christ provides training for adults who want to share the love of Christ with teens while developing leadership, evangelism and other ministry skills that prepare and equip them for effective ministry to young people in the Kern County and Antelope Valley areas. 



For Direct Ministry Volunteers and Staff Development Volunteers

YFC Ministry Training (4 hours = 1 hour online and 3 hours live)

YFC Information, Standards of Care and Safety, Dealing with Tough Issues, Child Abuse Prevention, youth Culture, Principles of Evangelism, Roman Road, Effective Testimonies, 3 Story Relational Evangelism, and Follow-up for new believers.


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Our volunteers, staff and community partners have access to a wide array of training opportunities throughout the year to help them improve on their personal and ministry skills through online and live presentations. Below is a sample of some of what we provide throughout the year:

Basic Communication Skills (Online Class) - This course is designed to help you increase your communication and listening skills. Length: 30 Minutes

Financial Management (Online Class) - Biblically based financial management principles. Length: 30 Minutes

Leading a Follow-up Group - Discipleship Leadership (Online Class) - How to lead a follow-up group of new believers based on YFC's Material called, "First Steps" Length: 60 Minutes

Integrity in Ministry (Online or Live Class) - Key areas where God’s people need to guard their walk as it relates to witnessing and ministry. Length: 60 Minutes

Goal Setting (Online Class) - How to plan and prioritize your goals: Length 30 Minutes

Helping Skills (Online Class) - Basic skills and guidelines for helping people with personal issues and when to refer to someone more experienced. Length: 20 Minutes

Parent Life Questions Volunteers Ask (Online Class) - Questions Parent Life volunteers ask when working with teen parents. Length: 30 Minutes

Time Management (Online Class) - How to work smarter, not harder. Tools for better time management. Length: 45 Minutes

Medic First Aid and CPR (A blended class of online and a live presentation) - A certification program that covers CPR, AED and basic first aid for adults, children and infants.

One Heart Retreat – A 24 hour retreat experience to help the participant to discover if their heart completely belongs to Jesus Christ. To explore what it means to be people of the cross.

Talking Abstinence to Teens - A one of one or small group presentation on how to effectively talk to teens about sex vs abstinence. Length: 90 Minutes

Regional Training Opportunities - YFC USA Conference held annually. 


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