A Word from Adam





Dear Friends,

School is underway, club kick-offs are happening, and the ministry continues all over our county!  This month, I asked Hannah Slechter, Associate Director of Parent Life, to share an example of the difference this ministry is making in the lives of young people.  I hope you are encouraged by what took place at a weekly Parent Life Bible study earlier this month. 

“When a student has walls of disruption and disengagement it can be easy to assume those walls will stay put. It can be easy to assume the results will always be the same. Yet assumptions never really get us anywhere do they? At Parent Life I recently saw assumptions proven wrong and the walls of a young mom broken down. She had a verbal and emotional reaction to a video clip we watched. During small group discussion she was not disengaged, as in the past, but actively involved. The question at hand was, “what hopes and dreams do you have in your story?” Her response, “for my daughter to not be a teen parent and to just be in school and maybe even play sports.” A dream. A hope. This student’s vulnerability opened up a whole dialogue with the other teen moms around the cycle of teen pregnancy within their families and recognizing the need to break the cycle.  I sat in awe yet again of how God can use a simple question to break down walls and create authentic conversation around parenting, abstinence, values, and how He fits into it all. What a clear picture of what YFC relational ministry looks like: asking our students questions, listening to their stories, and replacing our assumptions with empathy, as we point to Jesus who is the answer.”

Thank you for caring and sharing!

      For Him, 


      Adam Capehart

     Chief Executive Officer