A Word from Adam





Dear Friends,

It is a season of thankfulness.  I love hearing all the stories of kids saying yes to Jesus for the first time and seeing the collaboration with our local church partners as we continue to plug kids into the body of Christ. 

In October, one of our Campus Life staff partnered with Resurrection Church to put on an Outdoor Movie Night Event. We are so excited to share that 58 students came that night in person and more than half of them were unchurched students. Thirteen of our CORE (leadership students) came bringing friends and siblings with them in the hope of building connections and opportunities to share the gospel! We are so thankful that during this season God is continuing to grow the ministry of Youth for Christ and our partnership with the local church.

We are so filled with gratitude to work alongside God’s Church.  This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for you and your faithful partnership.  Be expecting a call from our staff between Nov. 16 – 19 to thank you & to take prayer needs. 

Thanks for caring and sharing!


      Adam Capehart

     Executive Director