A Word from Adam





Dear Friends,

The month of August is a busy one as we continue our ongoing weekly Bible studies, chapel services, and discipleship; as well as our big events, camps, and our ongoing recruitment and training events for volunteers, student leaders, and paid staff.  We can rejoice together as we look back on the ministry numbers for our 2018-2019 year which ended June 30.  These numbers represent individual young people and show that God continues to use Youth for Christ of Kern County in a powerful way:


  • Average weekly attendance was 1,257 young people
  • We had 5,313 young people involved
  • 357 young people made decisions to follow Christ
  • 138 active volunteers


There are many more numbers I could bring you; however, you get the idea –God is continuing to use and expand this life-changing ministry.

Thanks for caring and sharing!

For Him,


      Adam Capehart

     Executive Director