A Word from Adam





Dear Friends,

Manuel was a little unfocused at Bible study this week.  He has been coming every week for at least four months.  He started out hard, rough around the edges, ready to fight anyone.   But he did not quit.  He kept coming and even completed our eight-week discipleship follow up course.  Now he is concerned for his mom.  Things are not good at home.  Finances are not where they need to be.  This was what he told me:


“Just being straight with you, I was going to be a drug dealer before you guys came.  I need to help my mom.  Now, I need to get a real job.  I am telling my mom every week to be humble and trust God.  I told her how these guys come every week and talk about God, and how everything has changed for me.”


Manuel is telling his mom to trust God from juvenile detention.  It is unbelievable what God is doing in these institutions.  It is like a movie, or a book.  But it is real.  You have to be there to see their faces, to hear the honesty in their voices.  And we get to be part of the story!


-From Charlie Wallis, Juvenile Justice Ministry Staff


Thank you for caring and sharing!

For Him,


      Adam Capehart

     Executive Director