A Word from Adam





Dear Friends,

God continues to honor the prayer and support of our partners and ministry teams all around Kern County.  As we move towards the end of the school year, please continue to pray for our clubs, activities, and one on one appointments with young people.

“Mayra began attending Parent Life through her high school after she got pregnant with her son.  This was at the beginning of the school year in 2017.  She then began coming to our Wednesday night program and has been attending that consistently for over a year.  In March we had the opportunity to take Mayra to Parent Life Camp.  There she heard the Gospel again and was ready to accept Jesus into her heart.  She has also expressed interest in getting plugged into a church, and one of our mentors is going to begin taking her.  Mayra is leadership material and is always incredibly welcoming to new people in our program.  This past weekend at our conference, she engaged one of the new girls who would not speak to anyone and quickly befriended her.  She also spoke up in small group time about God being her Savior and how that is impacting her life.  She was a great example to the other teen moms in our small group.”

This is just one of many examples of how God is radically changing the lives of the young people He places in Youth for Christ’s care.  It’s not always as fast and easy as we’d like it to be, but it’s always in His timing.  Thank you for being faithful.  Thank you for caring and sharing.

For Him,


      Adam Capehart

     Executive Director