A Word from Adam




Dear Friends,

School is underway, club kick-offs are happening, and the ministry continues!  This school year, we plan to work with over 5,000 kids!  Our Juvenile Justice Ministry works with the incarcerated youth in Kern County and the Antelope Valley.  At any given time, there can be 500 young people locked up in our county alone.  Here are a few recent prayer requests from students that prayed for a relationship with Jesus at this past months’ event.  (Their identities protected, initials only used) –


RH – Hopefully I get out in 24 weeks so I can go home to my son and family.

RL – Pray for my family and for the Lord to be with me on this rough road.  And to be      with me to make the right choices when I get out.

JA – I pray that God can help me change my ways and pray for my family, friends, and loved ones. I would also like to thank God for my life and people who care for me.

D – Pray for my family and me and the people I’m around.

SF – Prayer for family and friends, especially my grandmother, my girlfriend, and her family.  Thank you.

AB – I just want you to pray that I get my life sorted out and that I keep seeking God.

DG – Pray for my family, friends, and loved ones.


Thank you Jesus for allowing us access to these broken young people and for their decisions to have a personal relationship with You!  Thank you also to our volunteers and financial partners for being faithful in this vital ministry.

     Thank you for caring and sharing,

      Adam Capehart

     Executive Director


P.S. Save the date for our Ministry Fair – Saturday, August 26, 2017.

See our website www.yfckern.org or call our office 661-323- 9041 for more details.