A Word from Adam




Dear Friends,

            We had our annual Report to the People Banquet March 5th at Olive Knolls Church of the Nazarene.  There were over 350 in attendance as we heard testimonies from Daniel, Sidney, Patricia, and Jamie, whose lives were changed by meeting Jesus or getting to know Him better through our ministry.  They reminded us that there is a face and a story to the 4,819 young people God entrusted to Youth for Christ last year.

            If you were not able to attend the banquet, I would invite you to consider joining those who participated and partnered with us that night.  If you are interested in volunteering with us or would like additional information, call us at 661-323-9041.  I believe God has much more in store for this ministry and we remain committed to being wise stewards of the finances, volunteers, and prayers we receive.

Thank you for caring and sharing!


For Him,


      Adam Capehart

     Executive Director