A Word from Adam




Dear Friends,

Summer is here.  The focus of our ministry will be on student small group meetings, camps, events, Parent Life meetings, follow-up groups, volunteer recruitment, training, fundraising, our ongoing work in the juvenile institutions, and our Transitional Living Program.

Our fiscal year ends June 30th and our Board of Directors will be meeting to approve our 2018-2019 Operational Plan.  This includes ministry goals, the implementation structure, and the financial plan.  We believe this is the plan God has for us and will increase the number of young people we work with, as well as, improve our effectiveness.

Here is Ana’s story on her journey this school year:

Teresa, one of our leaders at Foothill High School, met a student named Ana at a Parent Life meeting.  Teresa invited her to attend our Wednesday night program where we teach a parenting class and have Bible study.  When Teresa arrived to pick her up, she had decided not attend, but Teresa persuaded her to give it a try.  She reluctantly walked to the car with a seemingly very hard heart, but God was at work and Ana ended up loving the program.  She has been coming back ever since, and we have had the privilege of watching her heart soften little by little.  During a Bible study where we were talking about who God is, Ana asked to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior and prayed with Teresa.  A little over a month ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Ana has a strong personality, but now that strength is used to show others love and care.  She is a leader among our group, and it is fun to watch as God works in and through her. 

It doesn’t always happen overnight.  It’s a process and we are to constantly pursue, love, share, and let the Holy Spirit transform their lives. Thank you for caring and sharing.


For Him,


      Adam Capehart

     Executive Director