A Word from Adam




Dear Friends,

As we move into July, we begin our 2017-2018 ministry year.  I will give a complete report in next month’s letter recapping our 2016-2017 ministry season.  Below is a recent update from Charlie Wallis, Juvenile Justice Ministry Staff in the Antelope Valley.

For a few weeks I have been able to meet with boys on both sides of Camp Onizuka (all camps are divided in two).  I am finding out the "other side" is more volatile than the side I have been on.  There seems to be a lot of tension, some gang issues, but there has also been a good response. Last night, some boys raised their hands for salvation. One said,

"Sir, Jesus is alive in me, but I want more." That made my whole day!

Please pray for the summer ministry season as our teams are doing camps, events, weekly Bible studies, and continued mentoring.  This is also a vital season of recruitment and partnerships as we prepare for another school year of reaching lost students.

     Thank you for caring and sharing,

      Adam Capehart

     Executive Director